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Below you will find success stories highlighting SBIR/STTR funded small businesses working within the Energy, Utilities & Environmental Technologies industry that have successfully moved their SBIR/STTR funded technology to Phase III (defined as non-SBIR dollars) to the commercial market and/or government. Registering as a partner provides you with immediate access to hundreds more competitively vetted, advanced technologies applicable to this industry. Working with these companies provides access to state-of-the-art innovations offering immediate sustainable competitive advantage enabling increased market share and potentially entry into new markets of interest.

High temperature superconducting cables for fusion/medical magnets

Nanoparticle ink aimed at solar cells/additive manufacturing


Development of a compact instrumentation package for characterization of aerosols, turbulence and surface characteristics in the Arctic from unmanned aerial vehicles

Grid cybersecurity

Membrane and cell stacks for on-site electrolyzers for PEMs

Industrial CO2 capture using 3D printing

Advanced coupling for flexible LED sheets/panels

Metal based membrane manufacturing

Hydropower turbine technology

Recycle waste CO2 to chemicals and fuels

Optical film technology for blue LED light conversion

Software for sharing solar assets

SOFC reformer (catalytic and sorption reactors)

Wave powered desalination system

Rechargeable lithium ion battery technology

Geophysical data monitoring/analysis software platform

High-yield, SiC-basedjunction field effect transistor (JFET)

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